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How to Install TensorFlow/Pytorch via Anaconda in macOS

1 minute read


Today I am going to introduce how to install TensorFlow/Pytorch via Anaconda in macOS. Before I used Anaconda, I always used virtualenv to build independent environment for different projects. But I still need to select specific versions of each Python packages and install them by myself, which is quite time consuming. When I happened to use Anaconda, I believe that Anaconda is the best way to install TensorFlow and other deep learning frameworks in macOS.

A List of Academic Writing Resources

1 minute read


Here are some resources how to write academic papers and journals. I still regularly update this list in the future. If any link infringes copyright, please contact me and I will delete those links. Most links below are from @爱可可-爱生活. Many thanks for his collections.





Teaching experience 1

Undergraduate course, University 1, Department, 2014

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