• Natural Language Processing & Computer Vision Foundation, Shanghai University, Feb 2023


  • Hearing Lips in Noise: Fusing Acoustic and Visual Data for Noise-Robust Speech Recognition, The First Multimodal AI Research Sprint, The Alan Turing Institute, London, Nov, 2023
  • At the Pinnacle of the AI Wave: The Past and Present of Large Language Models, South China Normal University, Oct 2023
  • Shaping Dialogue: Exploring Text Style Transfer and Empathetic AI, 9th International Workshop on Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networks (MAISoN), IJCAI 2023, Macao, Aug 2023
  • Noise-Robust Cross-Modal Audio-Visual Speech Recognition, the School of Information Science and Technology, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, June, 2023
  • "Kai Tan": A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence Technology, CSDN, June, 2023
  • ”Kai Tan“: How to Use Large Language Models to Drive Innovation, CSDN, May, 2023
  • SCNU May Visit, South China Normal University, China, May 2023
  • Open-Domain and Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems, University of Aberdeen, Mar 2023.
  • NLP on Clinical Free-Text Research, University of Edinburgh, Mar 2023.
  • Deep Generative Models for NLP, Shanghai University, Nov 2022
  • The Value of Pursuing AI PhD, CSDN, Jul 2022
  • Deep Latent Variable Models for Text Modelling, Aberdeen - South China Normal University (SCNU) Joint Institute, Jul 2022.
  • Deep Latent Variable Models for Text Modelling, Distributed Artificial Intelligence Group Seminars, King’s College London, Feb 2022.
  • Exploring Dialogue Systems in the Healthcare and Explainable AI in NLP, Department of Informatics, King’s College London, Nov 2021.
  • Building Bridges Between the Explainable AI and Dialogue Systems, Department of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, Oct 2021.
  • Dialogue Systems and Explainable AI, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, Sep 2021.
  • Intention Detection for Security, Home Office Analysis & Insight (HOAI), London, UK, Sep, 2018.